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Söderåsbanan, Kågeröd-Svalöv-Teckomatorp

Trains require optimal noise protection

We are proud to be the supplier of high-quality aluminium noise barrier panels for Trafikverket, in the south of Sweden. In this big project new tracks designed for commuter-trains have been built, along with new stations in Billesholm, Kågeröd and Svalöv. Teckomatorp station also got a “makeover”.

The steady advance of railway routes urgently calls for a stable and secure noise protection system. FONOCON Rail systems are tried-and-tested noise barriers that withstand those high requirements (pressure and suction). The loads are big, and the calculations and execution has been immaculately done. Thank you SWECO, and the NRC Group.

We are very glad that our product now comes to use in its correct environment and that it can help the inhabitants of these areas to get a better quality of life. To have close and fast communications without the noise issue is what we work for.

Stay tuned for more information in the future!

Main contractor: NRC Group
Location: Söderåsbanan, Kågeröd-Svalöv-Teckomatorp
Product: FONOCON Rail, aluminium noise control (highly absorbing), transparent noise control elements


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