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FONOCON Rail – Noise control for railway routes

The steady advance of high-speed railway routes urgently calls for a stable and secure noise protection system. FONOCON Rail systems are tried-and-tested noise barriers that withstand standard wind loads and loads from eddying forces (pressure and suction).

Noise control at railway stations

Train stations and train stops are the ideal backdrop to show off the many design options to be obtained from aluminium. The range comprises aluminium panels, transparent panels, claddings and service doors. Designers’ imagination can range freely.


  • Hög stabilitet
  • Individuell design
  • Kan kombineras med transparenta paneler
  • Stort utbud av tillbehör
  • Enkel och snabb att installera
  • Ökad säkerhet genom snabb åtkomst
  • Godkänd för höghastighetslinjer
  • Integrerat jordningssystem

Highly absorbing wall cladding

The highly absorbing wall cladding is used to suppress noise in tunnels. Their design makes them suitable for high-speed routes. Inspection is made simple thanks to rear-ventilation vents and freely accessible attachment elements.

Noise Breaker – low and "close-to-track" barrier system

Noise abatement along railway tracks tends to be a sensitive issue for operators and neighbours alike. Noise Breaker is an innovative system that offers new ways and means to achieve effective noise control. Suited in particular for situations where lack of space or difficult access makes it problematic and very expensive to provide conventional noise protection, Noise Breaker opens up new opportunities to install a near-track, low-height noise barrier.

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FONOCON sound resonator – acoustically effective cap

Sound-absorbent edges have been the subject of experiments for many decades. Forster has now pioneered a clear solution based on the law of physics and using an efficient combination of computer simulations and standardised experiments – the FONOCON sound resonator. An acoustically effective cap optimised specifically for the noise spectrum of railways, the FONOCON can be used on existing as well as newly built noise barriers.

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Technical details

Some of the standards and guidelines that Forster products comply with:

  • Krav Brobyggande TDOK 2016:0204
  • EN 14388: Road traffic noise reducing devices
  • Eurocode 1: Actions on structures
  • Eurocode 3: Design of steel structures
  • Eurocode 9: Design of aluminium structures

Detailed information:

Noise control systems for railway tracks



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