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Silent View

FONOCON Silent View*

Our transparent and noise-absorbing system combines the advantages of two noise screening systems. It consists of an aluminium frame and a transparent filling that is slanted at an angle of 30 degrees. The absorbing part of the element is horizontally aligned which provides weatherproofing. Incoming noise is reflected across the transparent slanted panels upwards towards the absorber.


* Please pay attention to the specific note for United Kingdom: In order to avoid any misunderstandings we have named this product in UK „FONOCON type GKE A30-P“. “FONOCON FORSTER NOISE CONTROL”  is a Community Trade Mark registered under Nr 012943619.


  • Transparent noise screen
  • Combines the advantages of transparent systems and aluminium-based systems
  • High stability
  • Can be combined with all Forster standard noise barrier systems
  • Mounted flush with the noise barrier wall on the absorption side
  • Tested under direct sound field conditions pursuant to EN 1793-5

Sound-absorbing effect confirmed

In-depth testing pursuant to the latest standard, both in situ and in the echo chamber, has confirmed the sound-absorbing property of the new transparent noise barrier. Tests were made, i.a., in accordance with EU EN 1793-5 which defines the in-situ values of sound reflection under direct sound field conditions.

Fonocon Silent View has already established itself in practice and can be combined with all Forster standard systems. For more information on its advantages and effectiveness see the video.

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Alexander Betsikokos

Sales representative in
Sweden and Norway
+46 (0) 70 452 00 02

Hannes Graf

Johann Graf

Sales Noise Control
+43 7442 501-405

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