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FONOCON Urban – Noise control for industrial use

Noise control systems can be put to excellent use in an industrial context. After all, cooling plants, power generators and other sources of industrial noise can be a major nuisance for neighbours, staff and visitors.

FONOCON Urban noise control elements are an excellent remedy. Their low building depth, lightness, flexible colour scheme and versatile construction design combine to make aluminium noise panels an ideal screen in any industrial setting.

Noise control in the residental sector

Enjoying the comforts of a quiet home is becoming a rare treat indeed. Especially when the surrounding keeps encroaching so much that structural measures are becoming indispensable.

For this reason, top-quality noise screens are increasingly used in private spaces. FONOCON Urban noise control elements offer the ideal solution in both technical and optical respects, thanks to customised design elements.

Noise control in urban areas

Your benefits:

  • Noise and visual barrier
  • Site valorisation and investment incentive
  • Zero maintenance
  • Can be self-installed
  • Economic solution through its long service life
  • Can be combined with transparent elements
  • Improves quality of living
  • Protects privacy

Designing space


Climbers bring nature onto the walls. A choice of trellis structures offers support, although some vegetation will grow even without any help.

Coulors and signage

There’s virtually no limit to the imagination when it comes to choosing colour and signage schemes for noise barriers. Whether you need to implement a colour code or get an advertising message across – Forster has the wherewithal.

Designing space

Imprinted noise barriers

Whether scenic integration, advertising, artistic designs or other images – noise screening can be turned into a design element while fully retaining its acoustic properties.

Multifunctional noise control


Noise barriers offer a valuable bonus serving as a background to photovolatic elements. Solar modules are attached to the barrier panels by special sound-absorbing elements, and there generate renewable energy. 

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Technical details

Some of the standards and guidelines that Forster products comply with:

  • Krav Brobyggande TDOK 2016:0204
  • EN 14388: Road traffic noise reducing devices
  • Eurocode 1: Actions on structures
  • Eurocode 3: Design of steel structures
  • Eurocode 9: Design of aluminium structures

Detailed information:

Noise control in urban settings



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Sales representative in
Sweden and Norway
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